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IRTG Graduate School

IRTG Graduate School

The Integrated Research and Training Group on Control of Cell Motility in Morphogenesis, Cancer Invasion and Metastasis (IRTG-3M) offers the graduate students of the CRC 850 (PhD and MD/PhD) a structured program that promotes their scientific independence. This includes the organization of bi-monthly progress reports and an annual retreat, the participation to the weekly CRC 850 seminar series and the invitation of five to six IRTG guest speakers per year. Each student is supervised and guided by a dedicated PhD thesis committee comprised of three members who attend the student’s progress report.

Finally, the IRTG curriculum includes the participation to at least one “advanced technology” course or workshop and one “essential soft skill” course of their choice. The special focus of the IRTG-3M is on translational research and the education of PhD as well as MD/PhD students to have future impact on translational biomedical research.

In this context, we will further develop our recently started CRC round table (“Stammtisch”) that is organized by the PhD students and postdocs from all existing CRCs within the University of Freiburg and provides an excellent platform for mutual personal and scientific interaction.

As for other existing IRTG in Freiburg, the IRTG-3M concept is structured according to the successful and internationally visible SGBM concept. To officially join the IRTG, the student as well as her/his supervisor and the IRTG coordinator have to sign a dissertation agreement summarizing the “rights and duties” of all parties during the period of the PhD thesis.