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Systems biology, pathology and proteomics

Project Summary

The joint platform of systems biology (Boerries), pathology (Lassmann), and proteomics (Schilling) acts as a CRC 850 service hub and builds on a strong track record of collaborative projects, linking basic and applied science with CRC 850 members. The systems biology service interrogates biological entities on sub-cellular, molecular, pathway and intra- and inter-cellular levels, respective networks based on multi-omics data modelling. This allows assessing how these regulatory entities converge on the cellular signaling and eventually cell fate level for cancer development, progression and metastasis. The pathology service will continue to perform standard in situ (histology, IHC, ISH) or extract-based (microdissection; q-/dig-PCR, NGS, miR analyses) in xenograft or human tissue specimens (in collaboration with the CCCF Biobank). The proteomics service offers quantitative proteomics (also in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples), N-terminomics, and interaction proteomics. Ongoing developments include targeted proteomics and spatially resolved mass spectrometry. Together, the Z1 PIs will perform method development linking the three areas of expertise and thereby ensure state-of-the-art techniques for the CRC850 community.